An innovation unique in the world!
KillViD's distinctive type of Pulsed Power Plasma, which is micro-second pulsed in a unique way (part of the Intellectual Property / Patent) can immediately kill viruses with 100% destruction efficiency, creating clean PURE-AIR INSTANTLY, as an output.
Competing Technologies are Ineffective against viruses.
  • The best existing systems include mechanical filters, requiring sustained and regular maintenance, which can best capture particles larger than 0.3 µm with an efficiency of 99.99% (Log 4).
  • The associated technologies (UVC, photocatalysis, plasma torch, etc.) require a long processing time and do not allow instantaneous destruction.
  • Apart from KillViDTM technology, no current air purification, protection and/or filtration device is capable of offering a sufficient level of efficiency to protect against Covid-19 disease.
Unique KillViDTM advantages: Effective, in real time and without contraindication.

Only technology designed to eliminate nano particles, including viruses!

100% virucidal activity in a single pass through the machine (INSERM tested)

Without emission of any harmful substance or radiation.

Energy efficient (like all pulsed power solutions).

Real-time air treatment.

User-friendly & GreenTech.
To have Safe-Air to breath, you must start by producing 100% Pure-Air.
It is important to truly appreciate the extraordinary level of this innovation.
KillViD™ produces not low 99% to 99.9999% decontamination levels (like other technologies do) but an INSTANT, 100% decontamination level, at very low energy cost.
This new green, low carbon footprint, INSTANT 100% decontamination / sterilization, of all pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 viruses, and any new viruses to come, is a truly unique revolution for real world biosafety and biosecurity applications.
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