The KillViD inside™ Ethical Business Partnership. Why not work together?
COVID has evidenced how the world has become a completely integrated place. (Viruses travel as fast as people on airplanes)
Safety and security for people, business and the economy has taken on new critical significance. (i.e.: due to lockdowns affecting the economy, the side effects will be an increase in global poverty, proven to increase sickness and death)
A technology that can produce PURE AIR, INSTANTLY and at low cost, is not only a disruptive technology and a good investment algorithm, but also KillViD™ helps society and the planet.
In Gamma Pulse's opinion, any new business investment, should be, if possible, within the new ethical Impact Investment model.
That is how we developed KillViD™: good for People and the Planet, with also the possibility to return ethical-dividends for investors.
We would be happy to open dialog with like minded development partners.
The global BIOHAZARD decontamination market is the new "blue ocean" impact investment opportunity, multi-billion dollar and fast growing. This new sector needs the most advanced technological solutions, and Gamma Pulse has it.
Clean, fresh pure air, is not an option, but a necessity!

KillViD™ benefits:
  • Deep Tech: The most advanced atmospheric plasma reactor existing in the word today.
  • Uniqueness: 100% INSTANT AIR STERILIZATION of indoor spaces.
  • Strategic Long-Term Application: Air Purification
  • Competitivity: The highest decontamination standard ever reached by any technology: 100% and INSTANT kill, at magnitude of orders less energy cost.
  • Tested: The technology has been tested, not by private labs, but by one of the world's most respected public research Institutes: INSERM (The Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale)(The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research)
  • Intellectual Property: A strong patent portfolio, and a world class team and network of researches, to further increase our lead.
  • Vision: Our objective is to work side by side with our partners so that we can maximize our ethical business opportunities (help the world become a safer place) pursuing goals together in an efficient, balanced and timely manner.
Let's consider Partnering.
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