Revolutionizing Virus and Pathogen Decontamination with KillViD
Gamma Pulse's CEO Carmen Dumitrescu was recently interviewed on BFMTV to discuss the company's revolutionary air decontamination technology, KillViD.
Gamma Pulse
Feb 15, 2023
Recently, Carmen Dumitrescu, CEO of Gamma Pulse, was interviewed on BFMTV Business to discuss their latest product, KillViD. KillViD is a revolutionary air decontamination technology that is capable of destroying 100% of viruses from the air in one single pass, as tested by the French national lab INSERM.

At the heart of KillViD technology are atmospheric plasma reactors (APRs), which are fueled by pulsed power plasma physics. This technology is useful for more than only fighting viruses. It kills all pathogens, including bacteria and spores. It also reduces VOCs.

Dumitrescu emphasized the relevance of KillViD in the prevention and reduction of the spread of viruses and other infectious illnesses during the interview. She also mentioned the technology's potential for usage in hospitals, nursing homes, and other areas where it may be utilized to protect public safety.

The interview was an interesting and informative one, and it is well worth watching. If you want to learn more about Gamma Pulse and KillViD, check out the following interview:
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