Biosafety Technology that helps increase the Human Touch.
In January 2022, ScienceDirect published an article called “Aurora borealis in dentistry: The applications of Cold Plasma in biomedicine.” saying that researchers studied (amongst other things) that Cold Plasmas are starting to be used to sterilize medical equipment...
George Bonatsos
Apr 05, 2022
Well, what do you think? Is human touch and face-to-face communication vital for life?

We have gone through two years of pain that goes far beyond Covid-19 – nothing is more painful and soul destroying than lockdowns, social distancing, and continuous masking.

We are called by definition “social creatures” (humans : ) so we have a deep intrinsic need to be in close contact with others – therefore by only sole logic - separating us from work (that increases poverty) and separating us from human touch (that decreases healing) we not only destroy our future but impede fast and healthy recovery of ourselves and our economy. (intimately intertwined)

Look at the cover image, which is more healing, left or right?

Which way would like to interact with your doctors, left or right?

Also, what is more tragic than when a patient in a hospital is not able to see loved ones, or also You not being able to see your loved ones or a friend. (due to visiting restrictions because the air is richly contaminated with viruses)(remember hospital doctors getting sick even with masks on?)

We all know that without a warm human touch or even seeing the soul lifting caring face of a person that wishes us well, healing is greatly hampered - any hospital doctor will attest to that.

Well, what is that we want our KillViD™ technology to do for mankind? What do we dream?



Now if you were wondering what KillViD™ means, it stands for Kill Virus Device (a device/machine) that kills airborne viruses.

KillViD prototype
KillViD prototype tested at INSERM

KillViD's development story is quite unique.

Working out of Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau’s Incubator, (on the outskirts of Paris) this "world's first" technology was created by a passionate team of scientists and engineers (that I’m proud to be part of) where they engineered - and this I guarante will be hard to believe - a people and environmentally friendly technology that INSTANTLY "in a blink of an eye" decontaminates air passing through it of ALL viruses, and re-introduces the air into the room, purified, as if fresh clean mountain-top air.

This tech also for the experienced ÉCOLE DES MINES DE SAINT-ÉTIENNE UMR INSERM U1059 SAINBIOSE - technicians evaluating it was a surprisingly significant advance.

  • UMR INSERM U1059 SAINBIOSE - The Biolab testing KillViD™.

  • ÉCOLE DES MINES DE SAINT-ÉTIENNE - The Biolab's University. (“Grande École d’Ingénieurs “ founded in 1816)

  • INSERM - The French Government's "Institute of Health and Medical Research". (that both the Lab and University are under scientific and operative due diligence)

Now for the first time in history, hospitals (and or offices or for any other place) have available a totally new decontamination technology the never existed before Covid - that can help increase social contact and healing, (and very importnat for the economy, communication efficiencies in workplaces) because with KillViD™, room air is not so dangerous anymore, and if it suddenly becomes so (billions of new viruses come in), KillViD™ in a few moments can eliminate them!

We here at Gamma-Pulse are extremely proud about the good that our KillViD™ tech can do - but above all our greatest desire is to increase social contact also with a human touch, working together in care, cooperation and compassion, these being Society’s most healing and efficient of all activities. N'est-ce pas?

Best to all of us! ; )
About the author
George Bonatsos
George is Canadian, lives and works out of Italy/Europe. He is expert in Technology, Business Development and Communications/PR, and is happy to be helping the Gamma Pulse team on the exciting and society benefiting - KillViD™.
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