A new Pulsed Power Plasma Technology that can INSTANTLY kill, SARS-CoV-2
Seems to be science fiction - A new, revolutionary Air Decontamination Technology!
George Bonatsos
Jun 04, 2021
On Thursday, May 14 2021, Physicist Ph.D. and CEO of Gamma Pulse SAS (France), Dr. Carmen Dumitrescu made public something truly extraordinary: a totally new air decontamination technology that can INSTANTLY KILL the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The emphasis is on “INSTANT KILL”, and the effectiveness of the technology was proven in one of France's most prestigious bio-labs.

If that's not science fictional enough, not only can the new tech kill all other pathogens known (catalogued, like spores, fungi and bacteria) but it can also kill viruses that mother nature has still not "invented" to deliver, but regularly and unexpectedly does. (as global populations and authorities have been reminded during the SARS/COVID-19 pandemic)

Now, while this is all quite surprising, but more so is the significance of innovation, because it is the very first time that a technology can GUARANTEE BIO-SECURITY!

The new technology is also ground-breaking because it can sterilize air at very low energy cost, case in point, billions of viruses killed for mere pennies in electricity.

The technology is based on an innovative, patent pending Pulse Power Plasma generator, called KillViD™, standing for Kill Virus Device. (seems, all considering quite appropriately named)

To boot, the technology is also 100% Green Tech., and of extremely Low Carbon Footprint.

Finally, for many economic and social benefit reasons, Gamma Pulse wants to diffuse this technology as quickly as possible into all world markets, through IP Licensing and or through Industrial Manufacturing Partnering. Already one partner is on board, reserving a particular market sector for development.

Gamma Pulse would be happy to open confidential dialog, also with other interested parties.

Contact: Start-Up CCO and Business Development Dir. George Bonatsos:

Here is the video interview.
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George Bonatsos
George is Canadian, lives and works out of Italy/Europe. He is expert in Technology, Business Development and Communications/PR, and is happy to be helping the Gamma Pulse team on the exciting and society benefiting - KillViD™.
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