4 reasons why a hospital should guarantee that room air is continuously loop sterilized. (Is it even possible?)
George Bonatsos
Dec 20, 2022
Globally, ten’s of millions of qualified (and precious) people work in hospitals in the attempt to heal patients (doctors, nurses, medical and administrative staff), and even more ten’s of millions visit hospitals to see how loved ones and friends are faring.

We intuitively know that clean air is important, but do we know why, in detail? Can we explain “the why” to someone?

Here we list 4 reasons:

Image of a patient in a hospital room

1. Increase in Patient health.

Studies have shown that poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) can have negative impacts on the health of patients, particularly those who are already ill or have compromised immune systems.

Image of a doctor

2. Increase in Staff health.

Poor IAQ can also have negative impacts on the health of hospital staff who are exposed to indoor air pollutants.

Studies have shown that poor IAQ can cause allergies, and other health issues which can impede hospital staff's ability to work effectively.

Image of a patient with a doctor

3. Increase in comfort.

Hospitals are often busy and stressful environments and having clean pristine air to breath, helps to create a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for patients, staff, and visitors.

This contributes to a better overall experience in the hospital and improve patient outcomes.

Image of a person wearing a mask

4. Decrease in Hospital-Acquired-Infections (HAIs).

Poor IAQ increases the risk of HAI’s which are a life-threatening problem for patients and health care staff.

Harvard Medicine magazine says (paraphrased) “It is estimated that hospital-acquired infections affect 1 of every 20 people admitted to hospitals nationwide. Combating these infections can cost hospitals between $5 billion and $7 billion per year (Solely USA). The bacteria that cause them can include… pathogens linked with respiratory infections such as pneumonia.”

In conclusion: Ensuring that hospital rooms have a guaranteed clean safe air supply, can still more protect the health of patients, improve their recovery, and also protect the health of precious hospital staff and improve their well-being.

And also why not - improved IAQ can save literally $billions on easily avoidable extra healthcare costs.

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