Passion & Science with a Heart.
Gamma Pulse's mission was to deliver to the citizens of the world a cutting edge, green and people friendly technology, that can kill dangerous pathogens that harm people and society.
When physicists Dr. Peter Choi, Dr. Carmen Dumitrescu and Eng. Olivier Petit, observed at the beginning of 2020 that the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus was spreading like wildfire via airborne transmission, they know they could help mitigate the crisis, by exploiting a technology they have in their toolbox to do something thought to be before impossible: INSTANTLY STERILIZE AIR!
After one year of intense development, a new low energy consumption, UHEF-AP-PPR (Ultra High Electric Field - Atmospheric Pressure - Pulsed Plasma Reactor) technology was perfected and translated into a commercial product (called KillViD™ for Kill Virus Device). The prototype had been tested at INSERM (one of France's most prestigious bio-labs) to be able to INSTANTLY kill, billions of viruses.
100% Clean, Fresh, Pure Air.
KillViD™ is truly fascinating, the only technology available today that can STERILIZE air instantly, at low energy cost.
Meet our team.
Carmen Dumitrescu
Founder & CEO
obtained a doctorate in Plasma Physics with European label from the University of Paris Sud Orsay in 1996 and has worked since 1991 in close collaboration with Dr Peter CHOI on all the university, industrial and European projects for which they have been responsible until in 2013, whether in London at the Imperial College or in Paris at the Ecole Polytechnique in the laboratory of physics of ionized media. Created Gamma Pulse in 2014.
Peter Choi
Inventor & Senior Adviser
is an expert in plasma physics and pulsed power, British citizen and Doctor in Physics from Imperial College London (1983), for which he has coordinated numerous international research projects. He is at the origin of all the patents filed and has nearly 300 scientific publications in reference works. Worked with Carmen for over 30 years.
George Bonatsos
Senior Adviser
future director of strategy and marketing, actively participates in the planning of start-up companies with the leaders. Canadian, George has extensive experience in international business and marketing and is now an advisor to the board of directors of the Milan branch of the Conflavoro Business Association, and executive director of marketing and public relations (Conflavoro is the 4th largest with more than 70,000 member companies). Worked with Carmen for over 10 years.
Claude Pierson
Senior HV technician
is responsible for the development, prototypes and tests laboratory, with a huge experience on complex electrical and electronic projects, experience acquired at Jeumont Schneider, SECRE and Micro Seri. Joined Gamma Pulse 2 years ago.
Francisco Hernández
Main researcher
passionate about science and technology, graduated with a Master's degree in Physics obtained in Santiago de Chile (thesis on laboratory plasma simulation) is our IOT specialist. Joined Gamma Pulse 1 year ago.
Olivier Petit
engineer of Ecole Centrale, future Director of Industrialization of the KillViD autonomous system, has extensive managerial experience, his industrial network as well as his skills acquired during his career in the Automotive, Aeronautics and Energy sectors for more than 30 years being impressive. Worked with Carmen for 8 years.
State-Of-The-Art KillViD™, is now ready for the marketplace.
The capability of KillViD™ to instantly STERILIZE AIR was tested by
The results of the KillViD™ INSERM tests, can be made available to organizations that desire to become KillViD™ Partners.
INSERM is the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale)
Its’ one goal is to improve the health of all citizens by advancing knowledge of life and disease, innovation in treatment, and public health research.
It collaborates also internationally USA, Canada, UK, ASIA to mention a few: +6580 Collaborations with 102 Countries
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